Track Trailer® is a manufacturer of high performance off road trailers.

The new Tvan® MK5 shares the same off-road ‘DNA’ as its predecessors, with several huge improvements including a new taller roof; increasing the cabin space and giving more head room above the bed. All models now come packed with more technology and further refined electrics, 2 kitchen configurations and more storage – But not at the expense of light weight touring.

The principal features of the Tvan® such as the quick erect tent, stored in its own compartment (not on the bed) and the dynamically styled body have all been refined and improved with an emphasis on ease of use and reduced set up times.

All Tvan® models share the same key characteristics such as MC2 Suspension®, hot dipped galvanised chassis, durable riveted steel and aluminium construction of the cabin and lower body lockers, aluminium rear folding platform (deck), off-road electric brakes and fully articulated off-road coupling etc.

All other specifications, options and accessories are up to you. This process allows you to customise your Tvan® to match your tow vehicle’s capabilities, your camping preferences and budget.


Since its launch in 2000, the Tvan Camper Trailer quickly became well known for its distinct design and industry leading off-road capabilities. Throughout the years the Tvan has been widely acclaimed by journalists, owners and explorers.

The Tvan® has earned these accolades through continual design improvements and option development; evolving to meet customer expectations.

These achievements include, Camper Trailer of Millennium and Off-Road Camper of the Year in its category 2009, 2011 and 2015.

The MK5 is the latest incarnation of the Tvan.

Like all Track Trailer® products the MK5 Tvan Camper Trailer has been subjected to rigorous prototyping, which has tested new body panels, electrics and kitchen variants.

Thousands of kilometers were travelled to ensure that the MK5 was worthy of the Tvan name.

But the improvements don’t stop there! While maintaining the famous Tvan look, the MK5 has a raft of new features, making this Tvan the best one yet!

The models are identifiable by their highlighted colours; Yulara (Blue), Tanami (Green), Canning (Red) and Murranji (Orange).

Simply select a Tvan® model that best suits your needs, add options and you are on your way.

This newly released range of MK5 Tvan camper trailers features more standard equipment than ever before! You’ll be impressed by the Tvan’s design and user friendly configurations.

Buying a Track Trailer® Tvan® has never been easier. New for 2017-18 Track Trailer® has improved the ever popular Tvan® MK5 with all new Tvan models and options.

Simply select a Tvan® Model that best suits your needs and add selected individual items from our extensive options and accessory lists.
The models are a combination of the most commonly ordered options and accessories. These models represent the best value with a significant discount applied to all options within them.

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Track Trailer® is a manufacturer of high performance off road trailers. Our product range is focused primarily on recreational camper systems, but we also manufacture high performance off road trailers for commercial and military use.
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