A brand-new camper trailer is an exciting purchase, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You still need to outfit it, which can require a serious amount of planning and care. After all, your camper is only so big and there are a lot of things you need for a camper trailer, from cookware to tools, and everything in between. In fact, a lot of the items you won’t even realize you need until you’re gone, which is never a fun discovery. This guide to the things you need for a camper trailer will help you prepare for your trip in the easiest way possible, because you never want to be stuck in the outback without all your camping essentials.

  1. Cookware

If you’re heading out camping for any amount of time, you’re going to get sick of burgers and hot dogs pretty quickly. You’re going to want to be able to make real meals, and for that you’ll need to outfit your camper trailer with kitchen supplies. Your best bet is to invest in a durable set of cookware that stays in your camper trailer year-round, which will help ensure you don’t forget anything (or that you don’t lose or damage your household items). Repacking cookware each camping trip is a recipe for disaster, so this system will make sure you always have exactly what you need, including the items you’re likely to forget like a cutting board, a strainer, spatulas, etc. Don’t forget you’ll need dish towels, dish washing supplies, cooking oils and spices, and a million other things you’ll need a few days to remember. It’s best to give yourself a few days to get organized and pack, so that you have time to think of everything you’ll need.

Camper Trailer

  1. Chairs and Tables

If your camper trailer is your only place to sit and relax, you and your family are going to crowd each other sooner than you’d think. You want one camp chair per person, and they should be sturdy, comfortable chairs that you’ll want to sink into after a long, eventful day in nature. If you put down a larger mat outside your trailer, you can create a great outdoor living area with chairs, lights, and tables that will let you soak in nature in comfort. Speaking of tables, make sure you pack at least one or two folding tables that you can put around your trailer. It’ll make doing everyday things like dishes, cooking, and storing items easier, and keep things tidier around camp.

  1. Tools

Tools are definitely a no-brainer when it comes to things you’ll need for a camper trailer. Hopefully, you won’t even have to crack your tool box open, but it’ll give you peace of mind knowing you have it. Some things you’ll want to include are a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, tape, extra batteries, fuses, a small saw, a mallet, rope, and anything else you think could come in handy. Some useful things you need for a camper trailer are levelling blocks, jack pads, head lamps and flashlights, and an all-purpose lubricant.

Camper Trailer

  1. Bedding

Your camper will quickly become your little home away from home, but there are some creature comfort things you need for a camper trailer first. Sheets, pillows, and blankets are must haves, but make sure you choose a darker hue that will camouflage the dust, dirt, and grime that will inevitably make its way into the trailer. Towels for both swimming and bathing are needed, especially if you won’t be able to hit a laundromat, and a collapsible hamper is a great idea for keeping dirty clothes away from clean clothes in your bag.

  1. Storage

When it comes to things you need for a camper trailer, you have to think first and foremost how you’ll store them. After all, most camper trailers can only comfortably fit so many things, so keeping everything organized in its own designated spot will keep you sane throughout your trip—and let you spend more time enjoying yourself than trying to find what you need. Collapsible and stackable versions are the best because they take up the least amount of room, but you can also get storage bins that slide under beds and tables to utilize the extra space. When you’re packing your trailer, make sure you keep everything you’ll need right away at the entrance to your trailer; it’s a great idea to put a folding table there so that as you unpack, you have somewhere clean and dry to place things.