Who says seniors can’t have fun? Camping is a great vacation, no matter your age. It’s fun, relaxing (even more so with the Ezy-wind setup system!), and completely affordable. Every camper model suits different needs and finding the right model for you can be the difference between a great and a not-so-great trip. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide to the best RV for seniors, including seven different models and the advantages of each. Now all that’s left is to pick a destination (or don’t!), and hit the road.

  1. Weekender

The Weekender is the best RV for seniors that want a quick, no-fuss getaway. This compact camper is easy to set up and is perfectly suited for one or two people. No need for a large SUV or truck; the Weekender is super lightweight and easy to tow; in fact, you just need a small to medium car and you’re good to go!

7 Great RVs

  1. Explorer

The Explorer is a great entry-level camper trailer, because you’re never too old to try new things! For those looking to explore off the beaten path, the Explorer is a safe and reliable way to do so thanks to the 5-leaf shackle spring suspension, electric brakes, rear recovery points, and optional Adventure and Explorer Packs to customize your rig.

  1. Brumby

Still part of the 2.2m series, the Brumby is one of the best-known and most popular Cub Campers models. This is the best RV for seniors that love off-roading and need a trailer that can keep up with them. The Brumby is incredibly strong and durable, and it’s built to last as long as you still want to explore with it. Let your sense of adventure and playfulness shine through with a camper trailer that can take you anywhere the wind blows you and bring you back safe and sound.

7 Great RVs

  1. Traveller

If you’re looking for a mid-size trailer that has exactly what you need and no unnecessary frills, the Traveller is your go-to trailer. The best RV for seniors who want to enjoy their camping trips and maybe bring along their grandkids, but don’t need anything over-the-top. The Traveller has more room for you to relax in, plus a higher carrying capacity in case you want to take all your creature comforts with you on the road, while still being lightweight and easy to tow.

  1. Escape

The Escape is the best RV for seniors looking to camp with their families. It’s roomy enough to add optional beds or added storage, without being oversized. The added features like the 12’’ electric brakes, large fridge box and storage box, the under-bed storage, LED lights, and roof rack stabiliser legs give you a little bit of everything and added comforts. The Escape is everything you need for a comfortable trip with added safety features and plenty of storage.

7 Great RVs

  1. Longreach

The best RV for seniors looking for luxurious, long-haul trips to enjoy their retirement, the Longreach is the ultimate in camping comfort. This model from the 3.2m series is extra-long to give you and your family the maximum liveable space while you’re out in nature. In fact, when fully set up, the Longreach lives up to its name and has an incredible living space of 25.4 square meters for up to six people to relax and enjoy. Ideal for seniors that want to enjoy trips with their whole family, the Longreach is still easy and quick to set up thanks to the Ezy-wind system and can be used to off-road at whim or parked for weeks at a time to soak up the Australian outback.

  1. Frontier

The Frontier is a unique model from the forward fold series and is incredibly popular, for good reason. Since the Frontier opens forward, the surface area of the trailer doesn’t expand, which makes it super easy to find a campsite for. The Frontier blends performance with comfort to give you the best of both worlds and is the best RV for seniors that want to be able to relax inside their trailer in comfort and style. With the dining table and lounging areas, the Frontier has an added living area that is perfect for days with bad weather, but that can be converted into a bed quickly and easily. The Frontier is great for short trips, but even more suited to long, vacations with the family.