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The Tvan® is an extraordinary camper trailer that provides unrivaled levels of comfort, equipment and performance.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Caravan Industry Association recognised Tvan’s superior design, technology and comfort awarding it “Camper Trailer of the Millennium”.

UK magazine Land Rover, said Tvan was “quite possibly the best camper in the world” and Australian off-road expert, Ron Moon, said, “Tvan is by far and away the best camper trailer available today”.
Quite simply, the Tvan is the best camper trailer available today.

Why is Tvan superior to other campers?
Because it has been designed to eliminate problems inherent with the common canvas tent and flip-over canvas campers. Unlike the flip-over and other style campers the Tvan stores its canvas tent neatly in the rear hatch, not on the bed, totally eliminating wet bedding caused by wet or damp canvas. This allows you to keep your bed fully made up and nice and dry all of the time.

The hard roof and walls over the bed area protect you from harsh elements ensuring a good night’s sleep. The walls and roof are insulated which means a lower interior temperature unlike canvas which becomes unbearably hot when subjected to sunshine.

The Tvan’s huge interior storage area, incorporating both on and under the bed space, as well as wall and roof storage, practically eliminates the necessity to carry anything extra in your vehicle, except yourselves!

Track’s ‘Asymmetric Link Suspension and chassis system’ makes it possible to carry sensitive communications equipment over the roughest of terrain. Major Australian and International commercial companies, as well as the Australian Military, have it under trailers designed and built by Track Trailer®. Why wouldn’t you want it under your trailer?

It is the most sophisticated and reliable camper trailer suspension ever designed, and it is the only suspension that can show you the extensive Military testing procedure that it underwent to prove its reliability, strength and ruggedness and it’s exclusive to Track Trailer. It comes with a 5 year warranty with no restrictions on where you travel.
Wheels and tyres can be matched so that they can be swapped between your vehicle and your Tvan.

This all translates to ease of towing, fantastic directional stability and protection for your equipment while on the roughest of outback tracks.
Examine Tvan’s amazing list of innovative features and you’ll see nothing compares!

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The Concept

All Tvans share the same rugged off-road ‘DNA’. Based on the same body, chassis, suspension, brakes, coupling etc. The Tvan® utilises durable riveted steel and aluminium construction, proven in the harshest outback conditions.

Using thick automotive seals and compression catches the cabin and lockers remain dust proof and water free throughout.

When ordering, a Tvans suspension can be customised to match the wheel and tyres of most tow vehicles.

From this platform we offer you 4 models to suit your tow vehicle’s capabilities, camping preferences and budget. Our Yulara is our ultra-light model, while the Tanami, Canning and Murranji offer more standard features and additional drawbar storage options. Models are identifiable by their highlight colours, Yulara (blue), Tanami (green), Canning (red) and Murranji (orange).

Standard Specifications on all models:

  • 105 Ah AGM battery
  • 108L water tank with LED gauge and hand pump
  • Anderson plug with fuse wired directly to the battery
  • Checker plate deck
  • DO35 3.5 tonne fully articulated off road coupling
  • Drawbar spirit level
  • Hot dipped off road chassis with MC2 military grade off road suspension
  • Independently fused power box with volt meter
  • LED interior & running lights
  • LED tail lights
  • Off road electric brakes and park brake
  • Queen sized bed with HD foam mattress
  • Rear tent stored in hatch
  • Rear tool box and security lock box
  • Sail awning
  • Twin aluminium skins with riveted sandwich panel construction
  • Twin roof hatches with blinds and insect screens
We take considerable pride in ensuring that our weights and dimensions are correct.

These specifications are for our standard models only. We do take in account varied included options and fittings such as larger wheels, awnings, poles/ropes/pegs, but weight dimensions will vary with additional bolt on options. Please see models section for further details on specifications.


Tvan® Models:
Over all travel mode 4900mm
Overall width 1920mm
Height unladen 2050mm
Interior setup length 4800mm
Deck under tent 1700x2000mm
Wheel track 1650mm
Departure angle 30˚
Suspension travel 250mm
Axle capacity 1600kg
Tare mass 890kg 930kg 970kg 990kg
Load capacity 610kg 570kg 530kg 510kg
Ball Weight 75kg 130kg 133kg 139kg
Ball Weight with fully loaded storage boot option fitted n/a 172kg 174kg 180kg
Load & Storage: (Expressed as cubic meters)
Total 3.8m
Right hand locker .32m
Kitchen pantry .065m
Internal cabin space 3.4m
Under bed .625m
Floor area .324m
Additional provision for load: Open exterior load spaces, rear panniers, wood rack, pole cavity
Wet load capacity:
Water tank (s) 1x 108l 1x 108l 1x 108l 1x 108l
Jerry can storage 2x 20l = 40l 6x20l =120l 6x20l =120l 6x20l =120l
Total wet storage capacity 148l 228l 228l 228l
Filler & pump (s) 1xFiller, 1x hand pump 1xFiller, 1x hand pump. Electric pump to kitchen 1xFiller, 1x hand pump. Electric pump to kitchen 1xFillers, 1x hand pumps. Electric pump to kitchen
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Track Trailer® is a manufacturer of high performance off road trailers. Our product range is focused primarily on recreational camper systems, but we also manufacture high performance off road trailers for commercial and military use.
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